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The Pursuit of Liberty

How to Lose an Election
Calling All Countries
How to Start Your Own Country
Hemp & Freedom
Lincoln for Today
A Political Bookshelf
Goldwater Funeral

Whip It! & Other Delights

Whip It! Home Page
Burning Man 98
Houston ArtCar Weekend '98
Houston ArtCar Weekend '97
Whipped Cream ArtBike
Fester! WestFest '97
A Whipped Cream Halloween
SoCal Circle Trip
Felicia & Whip It! Reunite
German Art Car Poetry

Wagner Zentral

Stripper Bingo!
The End (Apocalyptic)
Wagner Zentral
W at Burning Man '96
W at Burning Man '97
W at Burning Man '98
Wagner reaches Mars
Wagner on Space Ghost!
Wagner DEAD?!?
A New Wagner???
W's Träume Fraulein
Deuce Conducts
Others Conduct
Celebrity Encounters
Coporate ID Page
Wagner's Confluences


The Second Coming
Computer Art Car Poetry

Reading Matters

Fair Use
Craig Baldwin
Sonic Outlaws
Baseball on Strike
"666" Cough Syrup
Smart Drugs
The Kennedy Mystique
Dick Dale
Ute Lemper
Space Ghost
Henry Holt on Wagner
Evan Dorkin & Sarah Dyer
Hasil Adkins
Tank Girl (Lori Petty)
Brian Stewart
Choco Tacos
The El Guapos
Duck Diapers
Duck Ban
Rainer Ptacek
My New Chew Toy
The All-Spanking Show
Bob Baxter
And I Am
Salvation Mountain
Laurie Notaro's article


Unofficial Twang Page
Choco Tacos
Cherry Clan (Hween)
Cherry Clan (BM)
Cherry Clan (Amy Grant)
Psychic Gum

Outdoorsy Stuff

Superstition Mt. Climb
Oracle Bike Trip
Whitewater Rafting
Confluence Adventures

Strange Attraction(s)

The Thing? (I)
The Thing? (II)
Cadillac Ranch
Bottle Village
Henry Hill
The Cathedral (Austin)
The Orange Show
Spaceship Kenny (Oakland)
Spaceship Kenny (Palm Springs)
Doggie Diner (I)
Doggie Diner (II)
Salvation Mountain
Salv Mt (Leonard)
Salton Sea
Roy Rogers Museum
Exotic World
Mojave Phone Booth
World's Largest Thermometer
Valley of the Moon
Shady Dell Trailer Park / Bisbee
Tom Mix Memorial (I)
Tom Mix Memorial (II)
Lost Dutchman's Mine
Space Age Lodge
Center of the World
Desert Tower
Watts Towers
Museum of Jurassic Technology
Struckus House
Museum of Embryology
World's Tallest Skeleton)
The Integratron
Giant Rock
Art Car Museum (I)
Art Car Museum (II)
The Red Room
Nat'l Funeral History Museum
Donner Pass
Mystery Castle
Prison Outlet


Portland 2000
Egypt / Israel / &c.
Oracular Journey (bike trip)
Houston ArtCar 96
Burning Man '96
Burning Man '97
W at Burning Man '98
Fester! WestFest '97
Mojave Phone Booth
SoCal Trip

Celebrity Encounters

Space Ghost
Amy Grant's Mandible
Mediacrats Speak Out
The Next Pope
Kardinaal Danneels Replies
Harry Dean Stanton
The Gersonator
More Matt!


Amy Grant's Mandible
Deadbolt vs. El Vez
Planet Osmond
Compact Deuce
Slim Whitman Contest


Deuce of Clubs Book Club
The Second Coming


Mojave Booth Glass
Splash pages
Criswell Countdown!
Gimme Page
Command Post Booth
How My Head Got Shaved
Weekly Item
"Sign Person" Letter
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