G o d f r e y o l a t r y

Big Important Journalists SOUND OFF

Larry King
"Godfrey...the hugest broadcast personality ever..." 68k
"Godfrey was my father." 59k
"Godfrey sold me that peanut butter!" 168k
"I always broke that rule. Godfrey taught me that." 105k
60 Minutes'
Andy Rooney
"The public accepted Godfrey as an average American." 46k
"The network executives did not much care for Godfrey..." 140k
Jack Perkins
A Brief History
"Godfrey drifted across America..." 186k
"Godfrey the warbling banjoist" 39k
(Godfrey's most important assignment) 117k
(Godfrey's workload) 395k
"Godfrey's influence and power ... were at an all-time high." 46k
"All the Little Godfreys were required to take ballet lessons." 37k
(How President Nixon fell from power) 22k
(On Godfrey's fall from power) 47k

Broadcasting magazine registers its displeasure at Godfreyolatry 165k

More Godfreyolatry

"Godfrey never knew what he was going to say" 100k
"There was nobody in the history of television as good as Godfrey." 53k
"What did Godfrey do for television? He put it on the map!" 166k

Historical Artifacts

"And here's the man himself--GODFREY!" 61k
The Godfrey Theme 417k
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