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a Piece of Mojave Phone Booth Glass?

Unfortunately, the five-gallon bucket full of glass i collected & cleaned was stolen -- along with nearly all my other possessions -- a couple of years ago. Therefore, the days of Mojave Phone Booth glass trades are ended. Lo siento mucho. Please enjoy the gallery of pre-theft trades.

Not long after the Booth's disappearance, someone e-mailed a request for a piece of glass from the Mojave Phone Booth. The person offered something in exchange: a genuine whisker ... from a TIGER. Naturally, being big fans of Apocalypse Now, we couldn't pass that up. We sent the glass. We got a tiger's whisker.

Someone else offered naked photos of Dana Plato. (That phrase should get this page lots of hits from the search engines ... hello, porn surfers!)

Anyway, sure, yeah, we accepted. In memoriam & stuff.

So we wondered ... what other sorts of things were people going to offer for a piece of glass from the Mojave Phone Booth? Sate our curiosity. Make us an offer, if you like. If you'd like to know the kinds of things we like, then, like, see our Item of the Week site and our Gimme Page.

You could also do something: say, get a photo of Amy Grant with a cherry clan box, maybe. Or with an oobi.

But be sure & ask first -- after all, we might already have an official Red Ryder carbine action two-hundred shot range-model air rifle...

The take so far:

Bush league behavior
Good Luck
Dog shake
Vegas Vic
Poops a-Daisy
The Day the Booth Glass Died
Post-election Morphine
Lego my phone booth
Hair of the wolf
Hardest working man in dough bidness
English teeth rotters
Siegfried & Roy & Wagner
Cool American
More Nudiness...& Adrian Zmed!
Visit the sewers of Paris
Commie Satan Devil Devil Devil
Chopped Manure
What the Dilli-o?
The FSU Building Collection
Farrah on a stick
Atomic stamps
Van Dammit!
Ferret hat
Giving us the finger
Hell's own autograph
Warnings, part Deuce
Moody Boy Music Mix /
Shy Consortium for a Better Tomorrow

Pas de Deuce
Cap'n Crunch decoder
Little bit o' soul
Warnings, Part Ace
Naked Dana Plato
Tiger whisker