People often send things to Deuce of Clubs. There are many ways this can happen:

These things are not uninterchangeable. Huh? Well, for example, maybe you'd like to engineer a swap of some sort with us. Sure. Make an offer.

Anyway, here's how you can HAYULP the Deuce boost its numbers in the Big South...


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Books for the ongoing Second Coming Project
Other stuff on the Wish List.
Any information whatsoever about a character called "Peter Beal, the Peanut Man."
Any items related to the card or concept, Deuce of Clubs. (Here are some fine examples.)
An Elektra compilation CD called Say It, which (reportedly) has a Deuce of Clubs on the cover
Screen captures from movies in which anything Deuce of Clubs-related (especially a 2 of clubs card) is visible [Examples]
Screen captures from movies in which a Whipped Cream & Other Delights album is visible (for example, High Fidelity)
Any items having to do with a long-ago (1980) Arizona radio station KDQJ (AM 1510) called known as K-15 or K15.
A Parker Brothers toy catalog from 1971
Items relating to the town of Show Low, Arizona
Items relating to the town of Coolidge, Arizona
Any extra Deuce of Clubs playing cards you might have lying around
As many copies as possible of Herb Alpert's Whipped Cream & Other Delights album
Info about/items concerning the three-hour Spanish game show
El Gran Juego De La Oca (anyone know whatever happened to Lila Herranz?)
Any items/paraphernalia from or info about the Tex Ritter films Rainbow Over the Range or Arizona Frontier. We especially need a video copy of Arizona Frontier.
"Cherry Clan" candy (or any Cherry Clan paraphernalia)
oobi (an unopened pack of three, with the directions intact, would make you a Hero of the Deuce Realm, or some such) The oobi quest has been a success!
An MP3 of "Put Your Hands on the Radio," by the Pink Boyz, a Dallas subgenius band of yesterdecade? (I know it's available on a Subgenius CD, but I want just the one track.) (Many thanks to benefactor Sean W. for putting the entire CD into the happy, waiting hands of D.o.C.)