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Back to the secret training camp of Julia bin-Roberts

As potential backers, perhaps you are nervous that what is essentially a tale of evil may afford few opportunities for the flashing of the famous Julia Roberts smile, and no comedic situations calling for the staging of the beloved and traditional Julia Roberts BWAH-HWAH-HWAH movie laugh.

Not to worry. After all, if evildoers looked evil all the time, even American presidents would be able to spot them. Accordingly, the smile of Osama bin-Laden is only slightly less ubiquitous than Alfred E. Neuman's. We can even imagine him going BWAH-HWAH-HWAH in a movie -- ... why, movie careers are built on such things. It's a cake-walk for Julia Roberts and her lips, even from behind whiskers. Perhaps we might even negotiate a spit-take. I tell you, the sky's no limit. Just look at those olive drabs. They say, "There may be further career moves for you, Julia Roberts, right here in these camo pants." For instance: could Julia Roberts be drafted to portray Fidel Castro? A rather large-lipped Fidel Castro? Just picture it, coming soon to a theater in close proximity to you: Castro: The Fat-Lipped Years. Or maybe the more direct Hello, It's the Giant Lips of Fidel. No sky here. No limits. None. No, you can't keep Julia Roberts down on the romantic comedy farm any more.

Looking forward to your valuable collaboration,

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