Dedicated to the One I Love - Nuncupating Nimcompoopery

Nuncupating Nimcompoopery

By virtue of showing up in second-hand shops and thrift stores, some gift books appear not have been quite as treasured as the givers may have hoped.

Procedural note: While Deuce of Clubs realizes that what we're dealing with are book inscriptions rather than book dedications, the traditional punning section title approach favored Dedicated to the One I Love over Inscripticateded to the One I Love. Sorry. Your forbearance is appreciatededed.

Procedural note 2: While Deuce of Clubs does not realize that these notes are not in the strictest sense Procedural, DoC does realize that there is no such word as inscripticateded, nor even inscripticated.

Procedural note 3: Forbearance is in fact a real word; it's just little recognized and less practiced in this our modern world, and even less on this our glorious website.

  048   Perlious [sic] times! Age of speed!

047   Dennnis with three Ns

046   The Triune Pat

045   "Deemed to be defamatory or libelous"

044   Fond don't

043   "Research," honey, honest

042   Dear Mom,

041   Phil may be a New Ager, but at least he's not...

040   Actually, Dad, you're kind of a dick

039   "I have somewhat against thee, because thou hast left thy first love"

038   I'm always ME

037   Assignment Quayle

036   Darth Vader: Really Mean Guy

035   And it reads even more strangely before you figure out that the Gs aren't Ss

034   Little Ditty / Bout Dave 'n' Diane

033   Build your vocabulary with John Simon

032   CPF of "JoAnn" Woodward

031   Selective memory

030   Good Cog! Good Cog!

029   Unless actual writing is involved

028   Automatic writing

027   Love, Desi

026   Confusing unsensitivity to insensitivity

025   World's most thoughtful wedding gift

024   Stage Magicians: When "Best Wishes" just won't do, III

023   Stage Magicians: When "Best Wishes" just won't do, II

022   Stage Magicians: When "Best Wishes" just won't do, I

021   Way to go, Melvin

020   Spreading the meme to Meme

019   John Stott Made New: Stoic, Gnostic, Sacramentarian

018   Dear Mom & Dad Rodgers,

017   Thy Rod and Thy Chaff, Discomfort Me

016   Write a book? Hell's bells, son, I wouldn't even know how to read one!

015   The Art of the Author-to-Author Inscription Demonstrated to Near Perfection by Ezra Pound

014   Your really friend

013   For my special heretic

012   1981 - 1962 = 19

011   Free To Be ... muddled

010   Jackie Susann meant it that way

009   The West coast Mortons respond, yo

008   Biographical blackmail

007   The Ten Commandments for Gods

006   On the Occasion of Your Painful Exploratory Surgery

005   Sweet Christmas Wish for the youngsters, 1909-style

004   White Christmas, Mormon-style

003   Postal humor

002   I might possibly think more of you, Bobby, if only your tastes conformed more closely to mine

001   Son, there's a reason they call it Fantasy baseball camp