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No idea of her meaning, but believe it or not, the Selective Service System still exists today. Look at all those smiling, happy-go-lucky faces on their home page. Wow, it sure looks fun even just thinking about the chance to go and kill people you don't even know! Yay! And maybe Sean Astin will be murdering strangers right beside you! Exciting!

There's currently no draft, but with Washington's power and ambition increasing seemingly daily, you can't bet on the continuance of that state of affairs. Here, then, is a noble image from the past for you to keep in your heart as a reminder of the proper answer to anyone who tells you that you are obligated to go commit murder on demand:

Johnny, we need a hundred thousand of you.

Selective memory

Dotson Rader: Parade magazine hack of today, Japanese car of the 1960s.

Found inside:


Deuce of Clubs
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