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To Pat, Aunt Maude + Gerald—

You really are one of my heroes!

Thank you for always being so nice to me...

Laurie N.

Found in:

The Triune Pat

Three personalities, a single person: It's Pat!

Not that Pat. Different Pat. And more than three personalities, actually: Gerald, Captain Super, Marshall Good, Boffo The Clown, Aunt Maude, The Wizard, Bobby Joe Trouble, Hub Kapp, Frank Discussion, Zoomar, Caveman Elmer Blisco. Pat McMahon is a three-decade veteran of The Wallace and Ladmo Show.

But, after all, Pat can't hang onto every book that's lovingly inscribed to him.

And that's okay with Laurie. It must be—just read what it says on the back cover:

The truly spectacular, wond'rous and marvelously genius works of humor columnist Laurie Notaro will tickle you with fanciful delight, make you search your soul with profound reflection and hopefully make you pee your pants. If it doesn't, you can sell it to a used book store. But probably not.

Well, if it's Bookman's, the answer is: yes.

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