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Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2002
From: Tess
Subject: Oobi sighting

Noggin* has a little recurring character segment that they run between shows (I've only seen it during the wee hours of the morning) about a hand called Oobi. He's just a hand, but he's got those big eyes...

While looking for Oobi, I found this Flash game called Bang On. So simple, yet mildly addicting. Characters from this game are [at left].

* If you haven't seen it, Noggin is a spin-off cable channel from Nickelodeon. It's pretty cool, they run old Electric Company and classic Sesame Street episodes they call Sesame Unpaved.

- Tess

Thanks to Jean

Thanks to Jean

thanks to StarChaser Tyger, who writes:

Playing Nethack on a boring day at work, I'm attacked by a critter. Having just previously to beginning this game wandered out of Oobiland, it strikes me as hauntingly familiar. Did one of them follow me? Apparently it got a little dirty on the trip, as it's more brown than orange-red, but it's essential Oobiosity shines through.

Attached is a blown up chunk of a screen shot, showing the intrepid wizard StarChaser, his faithful cat Tora, and an Oobilike thing that Nethack misnames a 'brown pudding'.

oobi-ish nitelite thanks to Anonymous Donor

"Wannoobi" frog oobi thanks to Anonymous Donor

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