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Here's the packaging in which oobis were sold -- minus the colorful cover flap (see below)

that, unfortunately wasn't included with this oobi package, which I got on an internet auction site for only five bucks. That was a relief, because the previous auctioned oobi set fetched nearly ten times that amount.

Many thanks for this find to Fritters (of the Relaxorium), who alerted us to the auction:
Date: 5/6/2000
From: Fritters

it's a 3-pak -- unopened!


You told me when I needed a new quest to find oobi! WELL I DID!! Follow this link, its up for grabs at yahoo auctions and its only starting at five bucks! You can TOTALLY get this!!

I am SOOO happy I found this, you have to win this auction, or else my quest will be incomplete!!! Write back and stuff!!

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