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Amy Grant: A Biography (1985)

by Bob Millard
This week's book comes to us from Carrie S. in San Diego, who writes:
Dear Deuce of Clubs,

I just returned from a trip to San Francisco, and one of my travel destinations seemed like your type of thing. At Benziger Vineyards in the Sonoma Valley (CA), there is an outhouse that has been converted into a fully functional phone booth, complete with litle crescent window...I can send pictures along if you like.

Will also be sending along a faboo souvenir I picked up in Chinatown.


I think "faboo souvenir" refers to the Pick-Up Sticks -- but what could be more faboo than this Amy Grant bio that came in the same parcel?
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The book's most provocative illustration: Amy in whipped cream ... mmmm. But, as Carrie points out, the glory of The Mandible cannot be hidden.

Regarding the Whipped Cream angle, Carrie writes:

I'm not sure what you'll do with them while Whip It! is out of commission, but I have 4 copies [of Whipped Cream & Other Delights], acquired through much pain and personal suffering. (This mainly consisted of being leered at by the guy I bought one of the records from: "Hey, do you wear whipped cream often? You look like her! Call me!")
Well, Carrie, Whip It! won't be out of commission forever. All donations of Whipped Cream & Other Delights albums are welcome and much appreciated at the address on the contact page.
This must be very much how it looked when Amy signed Deuce's box of Cherry Clan candy ...

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