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Dr. Strange: Sorceror Supreme (1990))


oh, some bunch of cartoonists, as if it matters

The Mandible in comic book form?

Not quite. But sort of. And then some.

Apparently short of funds, model, or both, the artist (Jackson Guice) resorted to, or could not resist, The Mandible. Specifically, a published photo thereof.

Image from the CD, Amy Grant -- The Collection
(Image from the CD, Amy Grant -- The Collection)
The Mandible responded in all swiftness, with terribleness of bannered armies and that sort of thing.

I'm not clear on what happened, but I think there was wailing and gnashing from the Grant camp and some sort of pulling of comic books from shelves on the part of Marvel.

There was apparently no general outcry, probably because, well, who would care?

(Sure, there already was a Mandible book of the week. We like The Mandible. We do not apologize.)

(See also other images cribbed by model-deprived doodlers)