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Deadbolt (1985)

by Jay Brandon

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Sometimes a Book of the Week is a Book of the Week just for its title. (Just ask Audra.)

This week's Book of the Week is that type of Book of the Week.

The erudite Harley Davidson and 3rd Degree Burns added their signatures to the book at Nita's Hideaway on 26 August 2000. I figured they'd have seen a hundred copies of the book by now. "You thought it'd be like Girl Trouble, did ya?" said 3rd Degree, displaying a laudable grasp of Deuce of Clubs minutiae. Turns out they'd never seen a copy, so it's back to the thrift stores. (If you have one, it's worth a piece of Booth Glass.)

Harley & 3rd Degree wanted to know why I'm not at Burning Man. Yes, it is Burning Man time of year. But that's another story.