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Nothing. (Not to be confused, reminds Wagner, with Nothung.)

(2008 photo by Jer from


  (See also: Yadalanh, Picacho Peak Trading Post)

What there is in Nothing

Here it is.

Nothing, Arizona is on Highway 93, between Wickenburg & Kingman, Arizona.

What you can't see: cool old codger who will chatter entertainingly as long as you care to listen. Last time through he abruptly interrupted a hilarious discourse upon his former marriage with the loud shout: "The sun is SHIIIIIIIIIIININNNNNNNGGGGGGG!" Phoenicians are counseled to stop for a soda & candy bar on your next trip to Las Vegas.

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Update, dec2008:
The sun is no longer SHIIIIIIIIIIININNNNNNNGGGGGGG: Nothing is no more.

Reader "Jer" at We left Nothing feeling like it was really something.


Last month we were on our way through again. We were saddened to see that the place was not only abandoned, but the building was collapsing.

Holy einstürzende altbauten! What are things coming to, up there on Hwy 93?

Farewell, Nothing.

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