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Nothing, Arizona (n.d.)

Don Simpson

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The author explains:
Probably the most desolate spot in the State of Arizona, maybe in the United States, is a place, which, perhaps facetiously, but surely appropriately, is called Nothing. The place sits in a vast area of desert along highway 96 leading northwest out of Phoenix.

(Actually, Hwy 93.)

The alien explains:

"Do not be frightened. I represent the persons who landed back of your building night before last. We have only today been able to dig our way out of our ship...."
Ellen found her voice. "You mean it was like a space ship that landed behind our building?"

The alien explains some more:

"Yes. We lost our fibstratak and were forced to land.

(Stupid spellchecker, acting like it's never encountered fibstratak before.)

Ellen explains:

Ellen explained, "Gene, this man is from a space ship that landed night before last in back of us. Their ship was buried and it took them a day or so to dig themselves out. He says he needs our help," Ellen explained.
Ellen explains some more:
"We call it Nothing." Ellen said.
"How appropriate," the Alien said.

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