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From: Cathy Thompson
Subject: helloooo.....

hello Deuce....
I havent visited your site since September of '97.... ive been out of the country....but... i finally got access to the net and i jumped right onto your site..... wow!!! it has changed so much....I just wanted you to know... I LOVE IT!!!! and How is Wagner doing?...
take it easy..

From: Flatbush Escapee
Subject: Re: Web Gookie

Cool Gookie.

[note: this section is not finished, but take heart: the drive to bring the wagner wideo oeuvre to the www nears completion!]

From: Holly
Subject: I hate putting a subject

I've enjoyed your Wagner review of AZ.

Good wit!

muchas dankes

( the way, Scottsdale doesn't suck.)'ve been there, right?

Yes dear, I live there.

ok, ok, explain to me the meaning of scottsdale's slogan: "the west's most western town"

You gotta admit it's better than south Pheonix!

i admit nothing. what does scottsdale have that compares with The Mystery Castle?

What about Pheonix- "the most livable city"? What the hell does that mean?? Other cities you DIE in?

you know, i think "most livable city" is the slogan on the scottsdale signs. (phoenix's say something like "best-run city." not that i care, since i don't live in phoenix)

Besides, I don't recall ever seeing a sign that had "the west's most western town" on it. I think your making that up.

oh yeah?

You really have nothing better to do, do you?

[this was not dignified with an answer]

All I'm say'in is that Scottsdale doesn't suck that bad.

It should be duly noted that the above statement does not take in to consideration the fabulous photo radar.


From: Lady Kathy
Organization: Ladies' Fetish & Taboo Society

Let Wagner eat up as much bandwidth as possible! That's part of your plan, isnt' it? Cripple America ultimately, right, as the Internet sags under the weight of Wagner?

From: Thomas Guarino
Organization: NYC Board Of Education
Subject: I Saw It Years Ago!

Hey Deuce!

I lived in Tucson, AZ in the seventies and eighties, and I too saw the now infamous 666 cough syrup. I always wondered if there were Satanic links to the product. Now that I have read the company lawyer's letter to you, I am convinced that this product is definitely part of the spawn of hell.

Just thought I'd let ya know--

From: Ray Stewart
Organization: The Discovery Center School
Subject: your web page is....

Hello i am sorry to say tis but your web page is veary hard to navigate

well, a thing worth having is a thing worth working for.

From: jello
Subject: 666

I found your site as a result of the cruel site of the day. I have seen quite a few parody/humor sites on the 'Net, but few make me laugh out loud. keep up the good work, and I wouldn't even worry about legal action.

In response to Hypnagogue's posted letter, the expression red herring came from a practice of dragging a piece of fish accross a fox path to throw the hunting dogs off the scent.

BTW, Did you hear about Monticello's new product - Old Scratch Jock Itch Cream.


From: Heinrich
Subject: WebSite Deuce

In the words of immortal "Marvel Comics" editor, greetings and salutations. I must admit from the outset that very few of your little missives (sp?) make any sence (sp?--oh, for a spell-check within this E-Mail madness!), but they are always amusing and visually entertaining. Me, believe it or not, am working on "Novel" right now; have written over 20 thousand words of jibberish which, in my own humble opinion, kicks craps outta that nancy fag Hemingway...

Much to drink at present, so don't cop an attitute (sp?) upon me, mister; but must say that me writing is damned good trash, and a thouroughly (now there's a swell mis-spellilling--ooo! was that another!) entertainting read. Anyhoo, will read yr lil missive at a more sober time and am sure will marvel at the technical proficiency (sp!) of yr prose. Meanwhile,. enjoy yr hookers and wine...

From: Chip Duffey
Organization: Ghost Planet Industries
Subject: Mojave Phone Booth Wagnerolatry

Nice to meet you, kind sir. That was a captivating piece. There were many wonderful moments in your article, but I was particularly enthralled at the prospect of you putting up your own phone booth to compete with the one already there. Your conversation with the AmeriTel rep was fascinating.

Having spent a considerable amount of time this early morning at your excellent web site, I can see that it's not the first time you've taken to the phone. I read with glee the 666 article, because we are freaks of a feather in being fascinated with its origin. Living in Atlanta, I come across the product more often...but it's still pretty rare. An unopened box of "Cold Preparation" sits on my kitchen windowsill right now, in fact. And it's beckoning to me, Deuce. Beckoning.

Nice work, fella! Kudos on your Wagner/Space Ghost romp. It coulda happened. And you pretty much nailed it, seems to me. Nonetheless, I'll keep in mind the hours of availability for Wagner. Can he be shipped or otherwise mishandled?

What else. Oh. It's appropriate that we should meet electronically, as it can now be revealed that it was I who answered your Space Ghost questions for Planet Magazine, lo these many years ago. I think I finally revealed that fact to Troy, after lying about it forever. And he's probably forgotten by now. But at the time, I was a publicist who would routinely answer Space Ghost interview questions for print (the actual in-house writing staff for the show was small and too slack to be bothered, usually). I'd write them up and get approval from the Space Ghost Coast to Coast creator, a guy named Mike Lazzo.

Anyway, it's all full circle, because years of this led to me actually becoming a show writer. Ain't life grand? The daytime photos are great. I'll be taking in more of it soon.

Chip Duffey

From: Pacific Book Auction Galleries
Subject: what the hell do you do?

Deuce -

Say, how do you bring in the bucks and still have time to regularly keep up your website? And how can I get into that line of work anyway? Perhaps you work for the post office. Just guessing.

Alrighty now,

Kris Sherman

From: ImuUrme
Subject: Who are you, and what are you about?

Today for the first time I punched in the numbers 666 because I'm curious about what the numbers mean. I have always been interested in the satanic beliefs and what the numbers 666 mean. I have read and studied the satanic bible, but would like to know more about this subject. Can you inform me? I am very interested!

the satanic bible wasn't written until the 1960s. the use of the number 666 as a symbol of evil dates back to the biblical book commonly referred to as the revelation of st. john. it is said to be the number of the beast. lots of theological books will give you guesses as to the meaning of the symbol 666. most likely it refers to nero caesar, whose name in hebrew adds up to 666.

satanism, you should know, is more of an in-joke than a religion that corresponds to anything in reality. even anton lavey, who died recently, all but admitted this. (he was, after all, an ex-carny.)

From: Jonas Rosendahl
Organization: Mount Up
Subject: Neal...

Greetings from Sweden,

I was looking for Neal Frisby on Internet and your place was the only place I found. His building or church is built like a pyramid.

Jesus said Im the cornerstone and at the same time the headstone/capstone only a pyramid like building can be that.
The body of Christ is his church and Jesus Christ himself the capstone.
Thats why the top of the building looks like that.
If you take the top of the the pyramid you will have a "little" pyramid There are some great revelations about the pyramid in Egypt too and possible that some man with revelation from God built it.
Still today the dont know how it was built and by the way the pyramid in Kairo was white from the beginning.

Best Regards

people in sweden have heard of neal frisby???

From: Tim Hansen
Subject: The Devil Comes By Mail!!

That's right!

Yesterday, my response from Monticello Companies, Inc. came in the mail. Along with a complimentary bottle of New Pleasant-tasting Monticello 666 Cough and Cold Formula!!

And an 800-number for orders!!
It's 1-800-735-0666!

[Here's] the new sharp-looking, less evil-appearing box (notice how tiny and far apart the three sixes are).

Next time I get sick, I'll have the dosage photographed. It appears to be cherry-flavored.


fun fact: none of the hansens referenced on this page are related to one another.

fun fact 2: none of the hansens referenced on this page are related to the singing group "hanson."

From: BRine

was doing a search for ghoulardi and ended up at yer site!
merry and happy,

From: Bob Sokol
Subject: Shady Dell in Bisbee

Thanks for another entertaining read. I feel like I was stuck along the road with you (as I've spent a few nights in Interstate motels myself.)

I look forward to hearing about your Bisbee trip, as I lived there in the 70's and have rarely been back.

From: Gene LaPorte
Subject: Salvation Mountain-Hi

Gene here. I met you a little while back at the Salvation Mountain thing ("a lot of hot air blowin' through a contraption full of holes"-pardon my facile religious metaphor). I rode with you from the diner to Salton City. You had a friend that got burned at Burning Man. I had a neo-pagan acquaintance that got burned prancing through the flames at Burning Man, go figure. I understand you made it to Exotic World. I want to go when they have the stripper convention/festival (let me know the date if you have it). Were you able to accomplish painting the phone booth glow-in the-dark? I get a warm, fuzzy feeling imagining that lone booth out there glowing beneath the starry desert sky (great target for night shooting). I heard you had car problems and a run-in with a gun-totin' type. Non-sequitor: At Burning Man, I met someone who was bummed because he couldn't find his bag of "devil nuts" to give away. Have you seen these things? They sell them in some markets and they really look like the horns of satan. I told him how my x-girlfriend and I had made a bunch of devil-nut necklaces for ourselves and a couple of friends and wore them on a trip to Seattle. When I got home, I found my devil-nut neclace in the jacket I had been wearing when I was talking to that guy! My x had packed it as a surprize for me. You had asked me about that contraption near Joshua Tree. I couldn't find my article on it. I'm pretty sure it's called "Integratron." When completed it was suppose to make you look younger/live longer? Something like that. I'll keep looking for info. That's enough for now. Have fun.

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