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From: Candi Strecker

Hey Deuce! Spent about an hour yesterday browsing through your westfest stuff. Looked at almost everything except a few of the art car photos (since I'd seen the cars themselves...) What fun to find my garage sale highlighted as a feature of your trip. Had to email all my friends and tell them to check it out. The Kenny Irwin photos were intriguing too ... tho I'm sure his environments really do have to be experienced first hand ... I'm looking forward to seeing more of his stuff in yr website in the future.

There was something else in your westfest stuff that I was gonna make smart remarks about, but I can't remember what it was, just now. I finished writing up my Do it Yourself Art Car article for today - - look for it there in 2 or 3 weeks.

From: Paul DeValera
Subject: HELL-o from Simi!!!!

Deuce! I just finished looking at your Westfest stuff. Very cool. I see you also acquired a NO PARKING sign as well. I have a good picture of the Dinner Dogs and a cool one of your chin if you want them. I think I have some others as well... I'll have to look. Let me know what's up. Wagner needs to visit the Ronnie Reagan library.

From: adrian ruyle
Subject: Kunstautos

Deuce, it was good to meet you at Harrod & Philo's big do in S.F. Ever think of a big carousel horse-- probably one of the plastic ones for economy--posing on the roof of your car as GRANE, perhaps in a full immolation scene(eventually).

From: Juliet M

Howdy from a kindred cherry clan fan!

Nice pix of Westfest--wish I coulda been there. I particularly appreciated Wagner's apparent com-poseur next to the "Hitler was a Jerk" hubcap.

Off to write more social scientific irrelevancies...


PS--I thought of you the other day--when I walked into my favorite Japanese grocery store (Sawtelle near Olympic, close to Hide Sushi) and noticed that yes, they actually carry "Cherry Clan" candy....

From: Bettie Rinehart
Subject: Re: Fwd: random transmissions

that is so funny. i was transcribing a tape a few nights ago for a hustler story and ran into an interview with soleri i hadn't completely taped over. he was getting very worked up over the state of civilization. surprise. surprise.

all is well in l.a. just returned with pete from a hike in runyon park, a former manson gang hangout. there are many people here that look like charles manson. he is truly an la guy.


To: Chip Rowe
From: Mark Simple
Subject: Re: Your Advice on Creating a Webzine
Cc: deuce

>I am writing a how-to section on e-zines for a book called "Tripod's Tools
>for Life" that comes out next year. Rather than just having a bunch of dry
>guidelines, I thought it might be cool to include some advice and comments
>from people who have created Webzines that stand-alone or supplement print
>publications. If you had to give a friend who was launching a Webzine some
>advice, what's the most important thing you would tell them?

Chip, here is My Advice. I have also forwarded this to Mr. D (if you haven't already), I think he's uniquely qualified to answer this question.

Maintain A Constant Presence. If someone sees that your content is the same a month or two later, what's the point of _ever_ coming back? Establish an article release schedule (once every two weeks at worst; even if it's tiny little editorial notes or page freshening-up) and stick with it; you'll develop growing interest and pass-along readership faster if your pages aren't old and crusty (trust me on this one). Our site is split into two large areas; one for me, one for my co-conspirators at Deuce of Clubs. They update their pages at least weekly, sometimes daily; I bulk up my updates and barge in once a month (or year) for a clean sweep. Don't be like me - BE LIKE DEUCE OF CLUBS.

Mark Simple

what he said. just not too much.

From: Robert Ziedelis
Subject: CD recomendations

I would "run" to the record store for many of your recomendations ( suggested by you) but it is often quite difficult to search for such gems without knowing at least what label they're on. Have you ever considered including such info with your picks? It would be most helpful.

p.s: Thanks for the tip on the Lux album. At least I know it's an import.

label info? that's what those touch-screen kiosks are for!

From: Kathy F.
Organization: Portland Cacophany Society
Subject: comments on web/artcar


I just took the time to check out your webpage and I have to say, I totally cracked up. I was at the Art Car weekend and saw your car there, but didn't actually meet you-- at least not knowingly. It was a crazy crazy weekend, nes pas?

Anyway, I wanted to get that wheatpaste recipe from you...

(For recipe, see below)

Now, your car looks like it hasn't held up that well (no offense, I hope). Did you put any UV protection on it? REv. Chuck Linville, owner of the Danger car and two others, says that GM contact plastic sheets work really well for protecting paper things. About $3 a sheet for a big sheet, available at signpainting supply stores. There's also that paint-on UV protection stuff which some folks swear by. I want to do a dada-esque collage thang on my car and am exploring the methods...any suggestions/comments are welcome!

I loved the phonebooth story and Wagner... keep up that pointless work!

Kathy Fors
Portland Cacophony

From: Kristin
Subject: respirators, rat shit + hanta virus

My name is Agent Busephal,

what, are you descended from alexander the great's horse? (or do you just have an ox-shaped head, agent B?)

I'm with the Federal Bureau of Investigations. I wanted to inform you that we, in conjunction with the Center for Disease Control, have released a more violent and agressive strain of the Hanta Virus on the Indian reservations of Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada. Common rodents of the desert were our carrier agents, and of course, urban caucasians were never meant to be harmed. Sorry for any inconvenience.

no problem. you know me--any sacrifice for the good of Our Government.

We also feel terrible about blowing up your television set in our most recent synthetic electrical storm which had been aimed primarily at the Pima reservation. You'll be pleased to hear that our engineers are still working out the bugs.

so am i, damn you.
i mean, THANK you.
i mean, i'm still working out the bugs, too.

If you have experienced undue mental or physical stress as a result of our gaffs,

(only every f*#ing april!!)

please e-mail me at our Flagstaff office to request a complimentary life insurance policy and a coupon for one free scoop at Baskin Robbins (any flavor!).

love AND kisses

*****Brought to you by the YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK, INC. *************

From: Aussie
Subject: things and things

Did you ever run into this boy (Peter Gilstrap) and his fabulous collections of Jesi and LPs?
I figure that if anyone can tell him where to find the lady in question, it would be you.

Thanks. Gilstrap encountered The Old Boy long ago.

From: harry
Subject: Westward Ho!

Yes, Deuce, you are such a card (house)! Can't wait to see the refurbished Whip. Spending two days up to your elbows in rat shit must constitute preparation for some future circumstance that will now be much less trying as a result, or so we'd like to think.

Enjoyed your B.Man photos many much. Rev. Todd Rowan ("Monsterville") is doing a piece for ACIC that I hope will arrive in time for this evening's e-gram announcing the stuff you saw this past weekend.

Those of us in Houston who didn't get to go this year held a Burn of our own down at Bryan Beach south of Houston. Our effigy stood 25' tall and burned to the ground. We also had a great game of fireball, but we had no press corps, no porta cans, and best of all, no (crushing) debt. We'll probably do a short piece on this once we get our photos back.

Penny & I arrive in SF tomorrow morning and should be in Berkeley in time for the day's romp. See you then!


From: Ultima Thule
Subject: If you want a cookie, you can have a cookie!

Sure you can use the Heinrich paragraph, though I'm curious as to how you'll tie it in to your site!


--Christine the B'day Queen (I can't believe how many things I'm queen of!)

From: Ultima Thule

Thanks so much for my gifties! The ASU book was desperately needed -- I had about 50 post-its all over the place doing no good at all.

The Kate Pulse! is fantastic! Did you have it all these years? I haven't read the article yet but the artwork is amazing. This goes straight on my KateShelf! Thanks so much!

Cliff Secord's Secret Aircraft Manual is also a kick, though it is frustrating that not one item in the entire "Rocketeer" merchandising line features Heinrich the Beligerent Anti-Thespian Nazi! We bought 10,000 packs of Rocketeer gum expecting to find him featured on a trading card, but no such luck. Heinrich got really mad when he saw some of the images they opted to use over him. Particularly the one of the Rocketeer in the laundry chute, with only his feet showing. "They chose the Rocketeer's feet over me?!" he exclaimed, apoplectic with rage. Actually, I think we have one coloring book where his character is depicted, but it's drawn totally differently from the movie -- no hat or little glasses. Ironically, though, it looks *more* like Heinrich the way it wound up being drawn.

Ultima Thule

From: Annabelle
Subject: Ring of Fire!

Did you know I was the one with the stencils and sharpies under the MAN that night (morning???)?!!! I wrote "Bianca's grilled cheese rules" or something to that effect... Did we talk about the ring at that point? I don't think we did. What a coincidence! Am I imagining things, or is there a higher percentage of coincidences/dejavu/synchronicity/etc that happens at Burning Man?

I would be honored if you joined the ring! Here's the address to the signup page:

I think we were camping closeby to you. Our nutty camp had the pink tape flag that a lot of people used for a landmark. We were the Monday Morning Dada Club/Putt-Putt/Red Light/Black Light District. Sort of a conglomeration of different friends and ideas... We had a very wonderful formal dinner for 50 with white table cloths, champagne and got to watch the giant fireball explosions while we ate! Wasn't the eggchair just past the Orbital Orgy?

Glad to hear from you!

From: deuce
To: Peter Gilstrap
Subject: Re: criswell

two things re: criswell:

  1. for years & years i've been on someone's mailing list as "criswell bible institute." different criswell (w. a. criswell), but . . . i tried writing letters, to no avail. i'm still criswell

  2. years ago when i did zines, i collected a bunch of criswell predictions for printing.
    "i predict that when the history of entertainment is written for the 20th century, one man will rise above, the present number one clown, Red Skelton." with predictions like that, i think criswell must have been pretty sure he wouldn't be around long enough to have to answer for them....

From: Peter Gilstrap
To: deuce
Subject: Re: criswell

deuce.....muchas gracias (and, of course, many thanks) for the cris info. and frankly, i think it's time you reevaluated skelton.


(Short interim; number one clown, Red Skelton, dies. Deuce shoulders responsibility.)
ok. you want i should give the eulogy? i guess i better stop dissing comics; jim belushi could be the next to die. (oh, i guess i should have written, "comics.") fortunately lucille ball's already dead. hey did you see what became of your farrah head?


From: Juliet
Subject: Cherry Clan at Laughing Scorpion


Are you the wonderfully funny fellow who stopped by Laughing Scorpion with the bust of Wagner? You were a real highlight of the workshop for me.

I want to hear more about your work and explore doing something with our shared interest in Cherry Clan.

And remember,

"Don't Be a Puppet.... Make a Puppet!"


From: jewelz
Subject: Re: Camp Stamps


>we'll find out. i'm tracking down & compiling a list of addresses of those
>with camp stamps. anyone who wants a passport stamped, e-mail me & we'll
>bon voyage those passports around the country together.
>deuce of clubs

Hello, Deuce... any progress on the camp stamp tour? I managed to get about 6 or so stamps; enough to make me want more of the elusive marks doncha know.

Is there a final list of camp stampers?

miz j

(btw, I think we met in Houston during the Art Car events; I was still living there and driving "Belinda" (1960 Ford Falcon covered in beads, buttons, horns, trophies, and a Javalina head on front) for Tom & Shelley -- of Max the Finmobile, Ripper the Friendly Shark, & Eelvis -fame. I'll be around during WestFest -- please say hello!)

okay everyone: if you were at burning man & have an Artists Republic of Fremont passport that you'd like stamped by some of the burning man theme camps, e-mail me--after westfest, i'll be putting together the virtual kampkrawl.

From: Babs
Subject: heyyyyyyyy......

i ask that you be honest here: was w reeeeelly interviewed for space ghost or am i reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelly stoopid? (honestly)

From: Babs
Subject: oh

fuck! i answered me self....

check out the new, improved wagner space ghost episode number

From: Babs

Bravo! Bravo! I ate that stuph up.... excellent web-journalism.... who's the chick with the nipples (not that I dig into nekkid people wearing wigs or anything..... teehee) (never shown you my nekkid wig wearing photo collection, huh?)?

Hey (!) on the raving critics page a LOT of the links are bad.... (you probably didn't update them since your server change (or move or whatever).

fixed. gracias.

Also the w space ghost episode is to air 10/10 right? Please let me know. Also, I would be ever appreciative if you would assist me in obtaining an edge over the competition in the space ghost haiku contest..... got anything I can blackmail any of the judges (writers of spaceghost) with to be the winner of said contest - not that i am not wholly confident that my haiku will win anyhow....

all i know is that space ghost loves nekkid wig wearers

Let me know when W can come out and play..

wagner's *always* out

have i got a wig for you (wink, wink),

but is it pink?

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