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Iffy Deuces

Deuce of Clubs or not Deuce of Clubs?

From: Ultima
Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2001
Subject: Spike of Yellow Hearts, Green Clovers, Blue Diamonds and Purple Horseshoes

The attached is some sort of playing card depicting a vampiric Spike but its suit is rather noncommittal: It seems to be a Deuce of Iron Crosses, a One of Blue Flaming Hearts, a One of Red Flaming Hearts, a Two of Books, a Three of Heart-Shaped Plaques and a Three of Sword-Pierced Hearts. Put it in a cool, dry place with indirect sunlight and I'm sure it will evolve a Deuce of Clubs eventually. Or just transmogrify the iron cross with a magic marker. Yes, it's cheating, but how else will we win that woebegotten game?!

Carita spotted this one on a recipe web page.

Mike from San Antonio writes:

Knowing that Wagner was a guest on Space Ghost, of which Brak was a part, a Brak deuce was something that could bring the Deuce of Clubs gallery full circle. After all, everything is related and - hey, you know - Brak has a pretty nice mandible, too.

I've spent too much time surfing on your page - I see deuces, Wagner, mandibles, and phone booths everywhere now. Must go before I see a mountain monogram here in San Antonio...



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