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Border Security / Anti-Infiltration Operations
Field Manual 31-55

by "Your" U.S. Government

"In a border security system, implantation enhancement is mandatory and is generally concerned with clearing, defoliating, or reseeding operations."
Yes, more of your money squandered on bad grammar. Fortunately, it does feature that entertainingly opaque [lack of] style that characterizes official government publications, and is therefore intelligible only to persons too intelligent to work for the government in the first place.

"Psychological Operations (PSYOP) are employed in support of border security operations to influence the will of the infiltrator and to retain or win the support of the local people on both sides of the border. PSYOP are employed as an integral part of the overall country plan. The various psychological activities must be in consonance with national political and psychological objectives."

Note the persistent use of the passive voice, requisite in government work, where actions are performed by no one, and no one is personally responsible.
(Note also that we here at Deuce of Clubs have PSYOPs of our own. Thank you.)
"Coupled with documentation controls is the use of search and clear operations in the form of raids, roadblocks, border and port checkpoints, and other similar activities."
"Other similar activities" -- let that phrase be your comfort while some perverted Border Patrol agent is down among your nethers, performing a search and clear operation in your pants.

I feel safer already.