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Dolls' House Bathrooms:
Lots of Little Loos

by Patricia King

This invaluable handbook shows you how to make such miniature toilets as The Goliath, Housemaids' Slop Hopper, British Raj Thunderbox, and the Tinklebell [sic] Authentic Fairy's Toilet.
"Before you start on any model in this book, perhaps you should examine what sort of person you are because, it seems to me, if you are the quiet, structured type, you may not make any of them! I am not doubting your modelling ability -- that's the easy part -- it is the awkward situations you can get into while acquiring materials that I am worried about. If you're not ready with an explanation as to why you want things, you may come a cropper!"
"Take Tinklebell's toilet for instance. There is very little in the way of research about where fairies go -- in fact, there is a rumour that they don't go at all."

(Muchas gracias to Carita)