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Living on Light (1998)

by Jasmuheen

Don't buy it, just read the user comments

This is a true Book of the Weak, because it's for weak minds only. When "Jasmuheen" says, "Light nutrition for the new millenium," she's not kidding—she means it literally. Jasmuheen, a "Breatharian," claims it's been years since she's eaten food, except for a "taste orgasm" from time to time (a mouthful of chocolate, for example). Instead, she says, she gets her nutrition from light ... or air ... something, anything, just not food. Nope, no eating for Jasmuheen. Somehow, without the use of chlorophyll, she manages to look radiant without the use of the digestive process as we know it.

Yeah, sure. The Australian version of 60 Minutes isolated her without food, but according to one news report, "when she began showing signs of stress, high blood pressure and dehydration after just 48 hours, the self-styled guru blamed it not on food and fluid deprivation, but polluted air." Other of her followers have actually starved to death. One woman's body was found lying beside Jasmuheen's book. Furthermore, an examination of Jasmuheen's refrigerator revealed it to be filled with: food. No problem for Jasmuheen's followers, who believe her explanation that this food is all for her boyfriend (who apparently isn't the advanced creature she is).

Obviously, the only air Breatharianism holds is the air filling the heads of the Breatharians themselves—and thin air it is, at that. Just one more proof of my contention that it's impossible to think up a teaching outlandishly idiotic enough that there won't be some people stupid enough to believe it.

(Thanks to Maja Elaine for the tip)