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The Varmint and Crow Hunter's Bible (1962)

by Bert Popowski
It's Varmint Killin' Week here at Deuce of Clubs, yassuh!

But there's more than varmint killin' lore in this hyar book, yassuh! For example, there's ignorant racial commentary! Hooray!

A small percentage of humans own an allergy to many animal poisons, ranging from those carried by insects on up. An example was my late brother-in-law, Gideon Seymour, of Associated Press, Wirephoto, magazine, and newspaper fame. He was once chin-stung by a wasp at my wilderness home. In five minutes he had a "fat lip" that beat anything Floyd Patterson or Ingemar Johansson could produce in one lick. And in fifteen minutes Gid could have rivaled any Ubangi in the lipshelf he sported.

And if that's not enough, the volume is lovingly illustrated with scenes of tender savagery:

Still thirsty for blood? How about some virtual varmint killing?