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Leonard Knight and Salvation Mountain

When you work for an airline, you tend to find lots of magazines that people leave behind on the planes. Many airline workers refer to these magazines as books -- as in, "Hey, I found a book up onna plane -- an' it's dis month's Playboy!"

I do not consider magazines to be books -- at least, not unless it's convenient, and this week it is very convenient, because several of us just returned from another visit with Leonard Knight at his southern California art environment called Salvation Mountain, and I don't have a book about Salvation Mountain. I do, though, have this issue of Raw Vision magazine with Leonard's mountain on the cover. I had Leonard sign it for me when we visited there last weekend. Did I mention we visited Salvation Mountain last weekend?

(By the way, there is a book about Salvation Mountain ... I just haven't found a copy yet. Maybe I'll add that to the Gimme Page...)