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My Loser Godfrey (1999)

by Max

Surely you remember the movie My Man Godfrey. You may even remember the book.

You may also remember Max. Well, while I was in Portland for Stripper Bingo, I won lots of dollar bets from Max. She wasn't happy about it. I told her I bet only on sure things. But she kept betting anyway.

In an Arizona thrift store I found a book entitled Wanna Bet? It seemed an appropriate gift for Max. It needed some modification, however.

To its dust jacket I glued odds and ends relating to many of her lost dollars. For example, she had bet that I didn't know Greek. She had also bet that there was no such thing as the "Mongoloid Spot," a temporary post-birth physiological manifestation at the base of the spine that proves that American tribal people are in fact descended from Asians (with whom they share the trait), and not Jews (yes, there are people foolish enough to believe that American tribes are descended from Jews).

I forget what the clown bet was about. Maybe that bet was about Mormons, too.

In any case, all those lost Max dollars prompted Max to assemble / deface / contribute this week's book: