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Mortal Refrains

by Julia A. Moore (The Sweet Singer of Michigan)

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"Some may say that I couldn't sing, but no one can say that I didn't sing." -- Florence Foster Jenkins

Julia A. Moore was the Florence Foster Jenkins of poetry. She once told a jeering crowd, "You have come here and paid twenty-five cents to see a fool; I receive seventy-five dollars, and see a whole houseful of fools."

When people ridicule my website, or my art car, or Wagner, or even Amy Grant's Mandible, I always think of Florence and Julia.

Anyhow, here's a representative stanza from Julia's work:

'Tis said that Brigham Young is dead,
The man with nineteen wives;
The greatest Mormon of the West
Is dead, no more to rise.
He left behind his nineteen wives
Forsaken and forlorn;
The papers state his death was caused
By eating too much green corn.
I know you'll want to read much, much more of Julia's work.

Just ran across this gem concerning another Michigander, courtesy of Serene Dominic's review of Iggy's Metallic K.O.:

The Stooges' last ever show had the audience so misty they threw ice, light bulbs, bottles and eggs at the World's Forgotten Boy. Ever the well-mannered Michigan youth, Iggy Pop tosses back classic taunts like, "I don't care if you throw all the ice in the world, you're paying five bucks and I'm making 10,000, so screw ya!" [New Times, 22-28jul1999]

Think of The Igster as just another Sweet Singer of Michigan ...