Autographed copies of Adventures with the Mojave Phone Booth are now available!
Here's the Booth Gathering announcement as it appeared in The Jack Rabbit Speaks (official organ of Burning Man)



Dig this:

Going to Burning Man? Not going to Burning Man? Doesn't matter. You can still join the Mojave Phone Booth Desert Caravan. If you don't know about the Mojave Phone Booth, see (In brief, it's a working phone booth in the middle of nowhere, fifteen miles into the Mojave Desert east of Baker, California.)

We'll be arriving at the Booth the afternoon of 27 August. We'll spend the night there and in the morning we'll head for Death Valley. We plan to arrive at Burning Man on Saturday 29 August, probably early evening. The trip itinerary is at [link deleted].

Join when you like, leave when you like, or stay on board for the whole trip.

Direct your questions, RSVPs to Deuce of Clubs.



Well, naturally, we ended up getting to the Booth after dark. This was my third trip there. I always try to get there in the daylight. Every time, something delays arrival until dark. If it's not a wrong turn, it's a burning RV. (But I'm going to try & break that streak on April 3, 1999!) Krishna (between Burford & Wagner in the photo below) had been at the Booth taking calls all afternoon in our absence, logging the names & locations of the callers as best he could.

We took calls for hours, from South Africa, Belgium, all over the place. I hooked up a speaker to the phone so we could all hear, and also taped them. (I'll add the call log and maybe some tape transcripts later on.) As soon as we'd put the phone back on the hook, it would ring again.

It must have been after three in the morning when we took the phone off the hook so we could get some sleep. We had to drive back to Needles to pick up the RV at the garage before we could head towards Tonopah, NV, our next night's stopping point.
We conked out on the ground. In the morning, I found I had shared accomodations with a companion. It's difficult to see in this photo (it's just to the right of Wagner's shoulder), but it was a scorpion. He was just trying to stay warm, same as I was.
Krishna dances a morning reel atop the Booth.