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Puzzled? Never heard of the Mojave Phone Booth? Here's the story.

The full story is now UP!

at the

Yep. You read it right. A freaking BLIZZARD in the Mojave Desert in APRIL!
A FREAK blizzard. Yes! A freaking FREAK BLIZZARD!

Calls were taken at the Booth on Friday (I decided to leave a day early), Saturday, and Sunday (part of the day). Saturday night? Well, if you called Saturday night, you didn't get an answer, because we had to leave the area hastily to avoid getting snowed in. But we did go back Sunday to answer calls and launch camera-bearing rockets.

The full story is at We had BIG fun! We spoke to people in lots of countries (including Albania, New Zealand, Poland, Mexico, Canada, Norway, &c. &c. &c.). We installed works of art at the site. We froze our tails off. We took lots of photos. You'll like 'em!

Thanks to everyone who participate in this event!


(Here's the bulletin that Wireless Flash News sent out.)


TEMPE, Ariz. (Wireless Flash) -- An isolated phone booth in the middle of nowhere will once again become a bizarre mecca for phone booth fans from around the world.

The deserted phone booth -- located in California's Mojave Desert about 15 miles from the nearest sign of civilization -- attained cult status last summer after an Arizona computer programmer invited people to pay homage to the site.

Now phone booth fanatic Danneels is inviting people to make an Easter Weekend trek to the remote phone booth or at least give him a buzz at the booth.

Last August, he says he received dozens of calls from as far away as South Africa and Belgium. This year, he expects about 10 people will join him in his bizarre phone booth mission by fielding phone calls.

Just in case you're interested, the booth is located about 30 miles east of Baker, California, off the Interstate 15 Cima Exit. Just follow the telephone poles down the dirt road and you're there.

Or you can just give Deuce a ring at his beloved phone booth after 3 p.m. (Pacific) on April 3. The number: (760) 733- 9969.

So ... what's the Story of the Mojave Phone Booth?