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Switcheroo: Reasons Not to Direct Link Images

Reason #3: You might learn things about yourself you didn't want to know


An especially prolific message board poster was responsible for nearly 4,000 hits on this month alone. His every post was calling a logo from El Gran Juego de la Oca that was part of the Deadbolt head shaving story:

He was also using the image on his "About Me" page. It seemed so impersonal, so I gave him the face of a woman from the DoC Celebresemblities game:

Here is his updated "About Me" page:

Perhaps he will take this opportunity to learn something new about himself from his own "About Me" page. As long as he learns not to link to external images, I am happy.

(Update: Obsessive board ghost that he is, he discovered the Switcheroo right away. Did he learn not to link to external images? No. He merely linked to an image on someone else's site. About this, I can do nothing.)

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