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From carnival to circus: Max & "PeeMo" doll up 4 bingo.

Karl donated a suit to the cause, Cupcake handed over a pink frilly tux shirt and red bow tie, and Max supplied the blue wig. It came out like a cross between Pee Wee Herman & Emo Philips: hence, PeeMo. (I also liked the Burning Man echo: Pee Mo'!)

Wagner clowns with some of the Cacophony crew outside the Acropolis.
More Cacophony crew, Wagner, & Max's tongue.

Addition (08jan2001): I usually don't buy newspapers, especially Arizona newspapers, which are even weaker than most. But I needed a Sunday paper for the classifieds a few weeks ago, and what do I see when I open up this Arizona newspaper? A photo of a Portland strip club. Life is grand.

(Notice that nearly two years later, the sign still says the same thing. At least the price of a steak hasn't risen in Portland ... not at the Acropolis, at least...)