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The Heartless Poltroon: The Official Organ of the Portland Cacophony Society
(February, 1999)
Communique from Max:

Date: Tue, 09 Feb 1999
From: max
To: Deuce
Subject: pancho villa

hey sick boy,

we went to the Acropolis (GREAT strip club in Portland) last Friday and jotted down "acts" of the strippers. we needed to do "research" for a cacophony event:

this Valentines Day we (cacophony folks) are going there and playing stripper bingo. Cupcake is making the bingo cards, she's putting acts on the squares (some w/clipart) and when you spot that particular act you mark it off your card, so you really have to pay attention. this is the 3rd annual stripper/valentines event. the bingo is new. we all dress up and have cheap steaks and watch the girlies (they have 50 beers on tap!!!)

in the past they have done readings from girls christian handbooks/guides and other stuff inappropriate to the setting. this year Cupcake is pretty much organizing it and it will obviously be more fun/interactive. we're putting together "party favor" bags too; Cupcake made really nice drink coasters w/red hearts on them, I'm getting a bunch of free condoms, glitter, Hershey kisses, and other stuff to fill the bags with.

Sounded like a must-do, and fortunately, the next day I found that there was a cheap Phoenix-Portland fare for that weekend. I'd been meaning to visit my Granny, who just turned 100. I asked Max whether I should join up; she e-mailed back almost instantly:

Date: Wed, 10 Feb 1999
From: max
To: Deuce
Subject: Re: pancho villa


the alternative - is a royal ass-kickin from ME!

would you stay at your grandma's? if you need a place to crash I'll arrange something for you, like at Cupcake's or Chuck's, and as far as transportation is concerned - I'm all yours!

max = owner of the fastest Geo Metro in the NW!

So, off to Portland I went . . .