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Here's Sylvie's engine after I cleaned out the packrat nests you saw in the previous page's photos. Rat bastards. Cleaning rat shit out of an engine compartment hasn't gotten any more fun since the last time I did it.

Rodents & automobiles do NOT mix (unless you are Ed Roth, which nobody is anymore -- R.I.P. Big Daddy).

(Note spray bottle; if you cannot get out of cleaning up rat shit, be SURE to wear serious protective gear and spray EVERYTHING with bleach before AND during the cleaning. You would rather smell like a kitchen worker for a day than deal with lung troubles for a lifetime, believe me.)

Here's the mummified former tenant rat who got used as building material by the successor tenant rat.

A couple of days later, if even that long, yet another rat moved in. I'm about at the point of re-seeding the engine with a family of quail.

Okay, so back to the heavy lifting...