Mojave Phone Booth -- Visit #4
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If you've been following along on many of these travelogues, you'll remember that my traveling luck has been less than stellar. This trip, a return trip to the Booth, would, I hoped, be different. (That's why I'm using the rebus beer bottle cap as the image link for this site. Dr. Cliff the Evil Dentist gave it to me in Primm, Nevada, after we fled the Mojave in a blizzard. But I'm getting ahead of the story ...)

Anyhow, different this trip definitely was ...

This time I decided to take a different route to the Booth. First stop was Goffs, home of the old Goffs Schoolhouse and also of Dennis Casebier, for whom I left a note.

Near Lanfair, I spotted this plastic flamingo nesting aloft.