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This came in from Ireland almost a year ago.

See how backed-up we are here at ("Backed-up," heh. Eh.)

From: Tim R.
Subject Wonders of travel
Date: Tue, 15 Jun 1999

Love your site (esp. Mojave Desert Phone Booth Stuff). [Speaking of Down the Toilet -- Editor] I sent you a message years ago when I first saw that stuff (about the fact that up to ten years ago my folk's phone number was Valentia 1). Valentia Island was one of the last places in Ireland to be connected to an automatic telephone exchange.

Anyway, I though you'd enjoy this little video even if it is a little tacky. Some freinds and I were on a weekend in Brussels (home of the Piss Boy) and we saw this and luckily my pals Sony Mavica digital camera will take small mpegs. Le Cirio is a cool cafe bar near the Bourse in Brussels (the beer in Belgium is about 8% proof, excellant).

You can't see on the video but their were flashing LEDs on the top as well !

Techo-toilets rule !


As alway, if you ever find yourself on this side of the pond (in Ireland) be sure and get in touch.