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Part four: History of the Huck 'n' Buck



[Pinned; more posts below] 21jul2012: The origin of the term "Huck 'n' Buck" revealed!

Laughead head

I wondered whether there might be any connection between the Hucklebuck and The Ol' Huck 'n' Buck. Now the truth is revealed:


"Huckin' and buckin'!" a player yelled at [Jim] Laughead, who laughed.

"They all know that," said Laughead. "A few years ago we were shooting at a southern college, and I couldn't get the guy to do what I wanted. One of his pals told him all I wanted him to do was the old Huckle-Buck. I'd never heard of that dance, but the kid caught on right away. I told the rest of them I wanted them huckin and buckin', because I thought that's what the guy had said. Didn't find out until just awhile ago that what he had said was Huckle-Buck, and it's too late now to change it."

From Edwin Shrake's "The Mad Hatter In Photoland," Sports Illustrated, September 21, 1964 ("Shouting 'a-huckin' and a-buckin" and dressed as if he had shopped at a rummage sale, zany Sports Photographer Jim Laughead makes people leap and grimace for his camera. But his most colorful subject is himself")


(See also: LIFE magazine's "Speaking of Pictures: Texan gets player photos by turning into a combination football and drama coach")

Jim Laughead shows how it is done

Above: Laughead shows how it's done



12nov2012: Most of the points awarded for being a Deuce of Clubs had to be deducted from Alabama's David Watkins because of poor form (you're supposed to be holding the ball, Bub, not looking as though you're shoplifting gumdrops from the corner market):

David Watkins Alabama super-lame Huck-n-Buck



29jul2012: Fine Huck 'n' Buck form demonstrated by an unidentified Boston bulldog:

(Spotted on the web by the eagle-eyed Dan Zimmerman)



21jul2012: In an email (from 2006—yes, I am very much behind on Deuce of Clubs site material), a college football player in the 1960s recalled Laughead's methods for me:


Huckin and a Buckin was a very animated guy..............he used this technique to get the best out of his photography. In retrospect he was a real pro, I don't know what the psychological technique could be called, but he "engaged" his subjects and got them to move in ways they never did before, then he captured the moments and selected what he thought was the best product.

Laughead was a misunderstood guy. People thought he was some country bumpkin that got into photography.............when the opposite was more true. He was a pro that used a country style that turned out product that will have a hard time trying to better! Remember, I can recall the day he shot us.......some 40 years ago.

Laughead was always talking and trying to keep the excitement with/in his subject. They player would run in front of the camera and he would say, "No, no, look (and he would demonstrate) I want you to be a huckin and a buckin just like this". I still remember the movements he would make. Sometimes when you hit his white spot, you had to have your hands out in front with your leg crossing over. He was just great.

Huckin and Buckin

Above: Modeling Jim Laughead's infamous hat



21jul2012: Another Huck 'n' Buck contribution from RobbL: historical Huck 'n' Buck!

Historical Huck and Buck

All right, that might be more of a Heisman than a Huck 'n' Buck,
but give 'em credit, they were ancient people.



11aug2010: Highly cactusable Huck 'n' Buck

RobbL captured this rare shot of The Ol' Huck 'n' Buck in the wild!

Huck and Buck Saguaro



10aug2010: Highly fashionable Huck 'n' Buck

(Spotted by Cardhouse Robot)

High-lee scientifical comparedison:

Coach Tackledummy sez: "Her overall form is nice but her cradling and stiff-arm need work. My reasonably priced tutelage is available."



16feb2009: Alec Baldwin Does the Ol' Huck 'n' Buck on the Conan O'Brien show

(Spotted by Cardhouse Robot)



The Ol' Huck 'n' Buck may have been invented by a photographer named James Laughead or Jim Laughead of University Park, Pennsylvania:

It is possible that it was featured in the 05nov1951 issue of LIFE magazine:

Confirmation or contradiction of any of these suppositions is welcomed).



Iris B. writes:

I know a little about Jim Laughead and the “Huck ‘n’ Buck”. Jim Laughead was my grandfather and lived in Dallas, TX. As far as I know, he coined the phrase “huck ‘n’ buck”. He and my father, James T. "Brad" Bradley did the media guide photographs for over 50 colleges across the nation (in many cases they took the pictures of all sports) and many of the professional football teams. Most of the pictures associated with Doak Walker were taken by my father. My father still retains an extensive library of photographs taken.



What interests me about the Huck 'n' Buck is that it's something that everyone of a certain age range would recognize, but almost no one would know the name for—or even realize that there was a name for. A library of Huck 'n' Buck photos? If I were a rich man, I would build a museum dedicated to the ol' Huck 'n' Buck. The Ol' Huck 'n' Buck Museum. That is what this country needs (it can do without the five-cent cigar, I think).

Got info about The Ol' Huck 'n' Buck?

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