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Peanuts Deuce, deux


Professor Cardyhouse writes:

I saw "Peanuts Deuce" and I was all like "shit, I just scanned it... should have looked first..."

Then I took a look at it.

Whew. That ain't it.

Anyway, I included the "strip" itself, though it's obviously frames from a ViewMaster reel. And those frames aren't sequential. Again, obvious. The missing ones are kind of in the spine of the book. I can scan the rest if you'd like, but the card only appears on the cover.

In case it becomes a mini-mystery -- the reason one card has red _and_ black pips is that the color from the explosion is bleeding through the card. Rubylith, DAMN YOU!

Great models, I'll say. Always wanted to make clean little dioramas like that. Fucking ADD/laziness. Also file under: lack of talent/drive. I'm depressing myself. MORE CAKE



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