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Then it started to snow. Light, pretty snowfall.

Then more snow.

Followed by near-horizontal, driving snow. A blizzard. In APRIL. In the Mojave Desert. A freaking FREAK blizzard!

New Times online editor James Hibberd had driven to the Booth not knowing whether the whole thing was a prank. He was in search of a story. Now he had gotten sucked into the story. Heh heh.
Photo by Trixie
We had to get out of there. If we got snowed in, it wouldn't be funny. Cold, we were prepared for. Rain, even. But snow? Nope.

Dr. Cliff & Trixie arrived just in time for the blizzard.

Here, Dr. Cliff tries to make up for my woeful lack of knot-tying ability. Every couple of minutes he would retreat back into his borrowed van in order to restore feeling to his fingers. Did I mention it was cold?
We should have been making time.
Portrait of Trixie by Mark Simple

Portrait of Mark Simple by Trixie
Instead, we were making pictures.