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The BB shot

(Before Barbasol)

Felicia showed up, ready for anything. Here she is before we slathered her in shaving cream.

Yeah, shaving cream is right. Authenticity, authenschmicity. The deal is this. Whipped cream doesn't have what every whipped-cream-covered girl needs during a parade: staying power. Barbasol rocks in this department. (In fact, the next day, I found some clumps of it on the floor of Whip It!, dried, yes, but still holding their shape. Amazing!)

Besides, whipped cream is something Barbasol isn't, namely, a dairy product. See, we did put some whipped cream on Felicia's fingers for the more ... edible ... shots. It wasn't long before her fingers got a little ... funky. We had to wash 'em off. Think what it would've been like if her whole body had been dairy-covered.

And as for "authenticity" ... for your information, during the original photo shoot for the Whipped Cream & Other Delights photo session, whipped cream was not used. Shaving Cream was.

I don't know what brand, but my money's on Barbasol.

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