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I don't know why, but at the start of the project, I had joked about putting up a sign inside of it saying, "NO ANIMALS WERE HARMED IN THE MAKING OF THIS ART CAR."

It would have turned out to be a lie.

Burford, Lisa, & Dana were talking in the garage as I glued the "Please Use Only Premium Clumping Litter" sign inside the gas fill door. When I banged the door shut, I saw a blur streak across the rear window ledge, right behind where Dana was leaning. Burford got a good look. It was a rat.

My brother-in-law had showed me where the rat had been getting into the car, so I blocked up the hole. Unfortunately, the rat must have run straight out of the car after we saw it. What I ended up doing was blocking the rat out of the car. Now it was living in Burford's garage.

I called my brother-in-law. "I need to borrow something." "Sure. What do you need?" "A RAT TRAP!" I baited his trap cage with peanut butter. I also put out some glue traps, but days went by and no rat. Smart rat.

Burford's wife can't understand why she's the only one upset by the fact that a rodent has set up housekeeping in her garage. But that's what they do--they live in your garage and rearrange your possessions. They're the interior decorators of the animal kingdom. Is that so wrong? "I want no vermin!" she says.

One night as Burford and I were about to go pick up dinner from Rosa's Taco Shop, we heard Lisa scream. Omar the cat had nabbed the rat & had brought the dead rat inside the house, and was parading it around. After Burford & Lisa went to sleep, I took it to the garage and posed it for photos with Whip It!

But more on the rat later.

(Not surprisingly, cats seem to find themselves irresistibly drawn to this car.)

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