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Abandoned former Titan II missile base.
Pinal Airpark used to be called Marana, but now they call Marana the airfield they used to call Avra Valley.
Pinal Airpark is home to Evergreen, which -- depending upon whom you ask -- either is or was a CIA front operation. (I often wear an Evergreen t-shirt I picked up at a Tucson thrift store, hoping someone will stop me to either ask or offer information about Evergreen. Either would be opportunity for fun.)

It's no Area 51, but if you spend any time in the vicinity, you're sure to pick up on an almost palpable vibe of secrecy. If you spend any time too close to the vicinity, you're sure to be picked up. Por lo tanto, cuidado.

On the other hand, if you fly over, nothing bad happens at all.

We circled a bunch.

Offsite: Comprehensive list of Pinal Airpark aircraft (long)

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