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Caught a ride with Tim H. over to Sacramento to pick up the Toyota van I bought on eBay.
Afterward, on the way out of town, Rob Cockerham (of was finally reached and Wagner finally got to try on Rob's California costume (which, if you're reading this before Oct-23-03 19:56:21 PDT, is for sale on eBay -- pule!).
Rob was in the midst of his "How much is inside a Sharpie?" experiment.
Rob is auctioning the experiment subjects on eBay. That could go on for a while. A Sharpie turns out to have quite a lot inside.

Here's one CD that is sure to go for big dollar dollar.

Rob has a green room for guests. This is the third way in which Rob resembles a TV talk show.
America, here are your top sellers.

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