Day-twah Vogg-nah
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The saddest of the Big Boys stands beside a stack of curbstones.

This is the best ye couldst think of when confronted with a Big Boy canvas, O tagger having a sad lack of anatomical knowledge?

Little Big Boy seems to be a tad out of place.

And when I say that Little Big Boy is out of place, I'm not talking propriety, I'm talking anatomy.

Fiberglass Statue Climbing Advisory:

Abandoned Big Boy statues, like all Big Boy statues, are made of fiberglass.

Home Ec major LeftWard advises the liberal application of 99-cent store household glue as an aid to the removal of fiberglass slivers. Good going, fezboy.

(If you apply the remedy in your car, beware of some seedy ne'er-do-well repeatedly peeking around the corner, thinking something else entirely is going on in your car.)


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