Day-twah Vogg-nah
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This was once the Michigan Theater, opened in 1926.
The Michigan Theater is now used as a parking lot...
...which may be somewhat appropriate...

Babs & Wagner reprazent da 313
...given that to clear space to build this theater, they razed Henry Ford's garage or some such. And now you now ... the rest ... of the story. Ack.
I think this is called a proscenium. I don't know how to describe it. Here's some random architectural words from the web:

"The frieze of the elegant entablature has concentric rosettes between the bays and the cornice has both dentils and modillions. The roof parapet is solid with lush tile cartouches and arabesque foliage in panels over the windows with a central acroterian-crest."

How's that?


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