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Incredible Christian Song Demos

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Totally how another crazy piece of religious music got started

Those Unbelievable Believers:
The Blessed Sounds of
Incredible Christian Song Demos

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#07 — "O Nightingale" (2:12)

The Nightingale is a familiar figure in poems beginning "Oh, Nightingale!" all based on other poems beginning "Oh, Nightingale!" — Will Cuppy, How to Tell Your Friends From the Apes


W A R N I N G :

Before playing this recording:

1) Pack up all mirrors, goblets, and champagne flutes
2) Open all windows in the building and prepare it and its contents as you would for an approaching tornado
3) Leave the building

Our mature nightingale's approach to singing is noticeably classical, her approach to religious subject matter remarkably non-religious. What saves her or sinks her is that her octave-hopping yelps suggest that she might be a blood relation of Yma Sumac.

W A R N I N G :

She might also be a blood relation of Florence Foster Jenkins.

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Nightingale, o nightingale
Sweet are thy songs
O nightingale
Whither it flies
[ blah blah blah]
[ blah blah blah]
[Leaving the room now]

Totally how another crazy piece of religious music got started

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