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April March

Paris in April

(Sympathy for the Record Industry)


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So last year I had an interview with April March, the American who is to the French Ye-ye revival what Ute Lemper is to the German Cabaret revival.

Unbeknownst to me, my tape machine had died because of injuries suffered during the Blizzard at the Booth. Only bits of the interview were intelligible. This was a great blow to me, because I really, really like April March.

If I were smart, I'd have taken notes during the conversation. I did not. I DUMB.

I do remember snippets. I asked whether I should call her April, and she said I could call her anything, as long as I was nice about it. She said for me not to listen to April March Sings With the Makers. (Too late.) We also talked about her work as a Ren and Stimpy animator. She also told me that a big influence on her vocal style was ... Mark Lester. Yes, she did.

What I would say about Paris in April is what April herself says about ... something: "If he's the Big Boss / And you're the hot sauce / Look out below!"

That should do it.

(If not, see The Shitbirds.)


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