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Amy Grant's Mandible

Part 4


An item in the Sunday paper said Amy Grant would be in town the next day around noon, to give a short concert at a book store. The chances were good, it seemed to me, that Amy Grant's Mandible would be there, too.

(Coincidentally—or maybe ominously, from Amy Grant's point of view—she was to appear at the same book store where Wagner had faced off against Dan Quayle the previous year.)

I alerted my friend who likes Amy Grant.

Coincidentally, her name is Amy, too.

Except for purposes of the Amy Grant's Mandible Website, her name is going to be Yma. Because two Amys is too confusing. Plus Yma Sumac is cool.

Anyway, "Yma" was already planning on going. "Want me to get you an autograph?" she asked.

Obviously, Yma hasn't known me very long. She'll learn.

But what did I have with me that Amy Grant could autograph?

Hrmm. . . .