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Exotic World's President and guiding spirit is burlesque veteran Dixie Evans, who was known as "The Marilyn Monroe of Burlesque."
Of the framed newspaper, Dixie says, "I did not make that [much] money--they just print anything. The highest I was ever offered was $1,500--which was pretty good. And that's a week, you know. Pretty good!"
"This one is me, as you saw in that video before. [In Marilyn Monroe voice] If you couldn't see the real Marilyn, well, you could come to the theater & see me. Oooh! I might've shown you a little more than Marilyn. In fact, I know I did!"

"And I got arrested a couple of times, too--at election time!"

(Daniel Paul asks: "You had a act with the prince [After the Monroe film The Prince and the Showgirl]; did you ever do one with a dummy Joe DiMaggio? [Everyone breaks up.])

Dixie: "I did, as a matter of fact! In fact, these are the two baseballs! [Laughter] And I had a Yankees dugout bench made."

[Reads from a letter] "It says, `Gentlemen, I must inform you I am the attorney for Marilyn Monroe'--they were going to sue me. The reason they didn't sue me was, Marilyn had all the press, all the publicity she could possibly attain at one time, so they dropped the lawsuit. They wrote me three threatening letters, but I answered them back that I'd be willing to meet with them at any time--I was willing to go ahead with it [fight the lawsuit]. The only thing I had to do, though, was that I couldn't call myself `The Marilyn Monroe of Burlesque.' If Walter Winchell called me that, or Earl Wilson, or some other columnist said it, then it was okay. So we did change the ad. . . . I adored Marilyn with all my heart, as millions and millions did. See, I didn't think I was doing anything wrong at the time, because when someone is alive and well, and a star of the first magnitude, you really think, hey, they've got it made, everything is great. It's only after it's all over that you realize how fragile the person was.
How great is this painting?!?