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From: Neil Kearns
Subject: kule sight

This is a cool and time consuming site. First noticed your stuff after your first BM writeup, W/Vogner.

Gonna pay my bills, so a few quick observations:

1) Ferrara PAN.......gettit?

there's actually some satanist web site whose webmaster uses "ferrara pan" as his nom del diablo. wish i still had the URL to give ya

2) My Father had that album, as well.

tell him to send it to ME! send it to ME!

3) There is a place in the Mojave Desert where there is actually a family of beavers..(Deep Creek)this is also near an abandoned ranch where the Manson gang was caught. Was almost killed by a buncha drunk redneck marines there....careful.

we didn't see anyone while camped there. apparently marines don't believe in phone booths.

I would like to know more about Wagner's political beliefs. If you would like to help me in my quest to acquire this information I will be very grateful.


here's the book you want to read: The Political Concepts of Richard Wagner, by Maurice Boucher (NY: M & H Publications, 1950).

if you can't find this book, i can summarize wagner's political beliefs by saying the following: wagner was an idiot. an artistic genius, yes. in almost all other respects, a complete imbecile. (but, to dispel one myth, wagner's jewhatred was not very much like hitler's. it was actually more like that of karl marx--who, oddly enough, was himself a jew. that, however, is another story.)

From: "Clemi Blackburn"

Since you found your jaunt through Texas so painful and seemed to take particular delight in ridiculing Hwy 287, it might suit your temperment and sophisication to trek Texas via I-20. Or why not circumvent as much of the state as possible by travelling through our wonderful neighbors New Mexico, Oklahoma and Louisiana? Then it's only a little piece of your personal Hell through a bit of Texas to Houston. We'll all be the better should you chose this little detour, but I warn you, those residents love their state as much as Texans.

Oh, and the moment you contribute to and support your own hometown as much as the owners of the McDonalds (ugh, as you put it so cleverly) in Childress, TX that will be when there will be a bust made of you to tote around. It must be satisfying to feel so superior to hard working people in the small communities you pass through where you can only contribute detrimental, cynical judgements. It isn't funny unless it's demeaning, is it? Texans shouldd be proud not to claim you as one of their own and you will never know what or who you missed.

Clemi, 1,500 people move to Arizona every week. The largest percentage of those people--no lie--are coming from Texas.

If Texans felt about Arizona the way I feel about Texas, the world would be a much better place.

And if not the world, then at least Arizona.

So thanks for writing.

Just don't move here.

From: "Clemi Blackburn"
To: "Pope Deuce"
Subject: Re: but i have a lot of friends in texas. . . .

Well golly, Pope ...

hey there, clemi. you must not hate me too much, so i take back all those bad things i said about texans. wait a minute--i didn't say any bad things about texans. i just can't stand driving across the plains. (that's not just texas, either, as you know.)

You need to adopt my philosophy of seeing the uniqueness in each place I visit. I happily acknowledge, Arizona is incredible with sights to fill the mind and soul and well worth spending oodles of tourist dollars within its borders. Personally, my love is rocks!

Back in the 40s my dad purchased a cabin located on the Continental Divide in Colorado. The majesty of the Rockies, which I view from each window, keep ones' perspective quite humble. This rugged cabin is now mine filled with all the memories one might expect having lived there each summer. The trek to that place is much like going from one room to another in my home ... it is such a part of my life. But when I leave the grounds and travel the hour it takes to get to civilization I am greeted with shocking discourtesy based solely on the fact that I am a Texan. And because my license plate is a Texas issue, I don't think the gestures I receive are waves of welcome. I am a taxpayer in Colorado. I patronize countless businesses in the isolated town of Creede for months each summer and yet not one merchant has troubled to learn my name ... they loathe Texans and laughingly tell us so.

arizonans, you see, have a similar antipathy towards winter visitors (or "snowbirds," as they are called here). you can understand why, i'm sure. i'm not saying the attitude is deserved by each individual migrator, but their aggregate effect is not pleasant for those of us who live here year-round. though i don't know that the same explanation covers small-town colorado anti-visitor feeling.

They'll not stop my love for or appreciation of their state or even little Creede.

The small, but growing community of Childress is the revenue for an entire county which makes us poor. We've more than our fair share of soreheads and 'aginers' as they were called 100 years ago. We are the orphan county of the Panhandle which in turn is the orphan section of the state, but this is still our Texas. As you apparently feel about Texans, we feel similarly about Yankees ...

again, clemi, on the whole i like the texans i've known. as i told you before, i have lots of texan friends.

move here if you must, but be sure to pack some manners and learn our history. Perhaps your transplants from Texas are our rejects .. um, interesting thought.

it would sure explain a few things!

In particular ... the young couple who actually selected this community in which to build their one and only McDonalds came from Ohio after spending several years working in various states learning from the corporation. Their generousity has impacted Childress and in one case their underwritng of a decades-old event actually saved it from certain death. They are a handsome couple (with an extraordinary young son) who jumped into community life the moment we were their choice.

i had no cause to criticize childress or the young couple who owns the mcdonalds there. and so i didn't. the reason i said "ugh" about mcdonalds was primarily because i dislike the "food" at mcdonalds. i also dislike soul-destroying multinational corporations, but that's another story.

If I don't like the taste of a Big Mac or an Egg McMuffin, I will tell the employee not advertise it to the world via the Internet. I want the problem fixed; not the business harmed.

there's no fixing mcdonalds, unless they started serving real food. while at the childress mcdonalds, i ordered hash browns. they weren't what generations of americans traditionally associate with the phrase "hash browns." if the mcdonalds menu said, "deep-fried, oily cake of semi-potato-like material," i'd be happier. because i wouldn't have ordered it. this is all no reflection, i want to remind you, on childress.

I want Childress to be well thought of by our visitors and for those visitors, regardless of how long their stay, to leave with good thoughts.

for the brief time we were in childress, we had two bad things happen:
(1) burford locked his keys in the car
(2) we ate at mcdonalds
neither of which, let me say, do i blame on childress.
i did enjoy one aspect of the stop, and that was meeting milton the locksmith.

whatever bad thoughts i had in childress were entirely the fault of:
(1) burford
(2) mcdonalds

However, I am not responsible for service or the lack thereof one may receive at Walmart, regardless of locale.

you're right. bad service at walmart is entirely the fault of:
(1) mcdonalds
(settle down! i'm kidding!)

You must appreciate the diversity as you travel,

i agree. since you've been to my web site, i think you can see that appreciating diversity is something i excel at. and one fine way to appreciate diversity is *never* to eat at mcdonalds, which are the same everywhere you go. if i'd been in charge of the caravan, we'd never have gone near mcdonalds.

but recognize behind the walls of each building and home are people, good or evil. A blanket condemnation of a little community on your webpage can actually effect the economy.

oh come on, clemi! i didn't make any blanket condemnation of childress. i wrote "ugh" in parentheses after the word mcdonalds. lots of people would back me up on that one. i wrote that i hate driving across the plains of texas. ask around--you'll find that to be a pretty common sentiment. why don't you think about installing some mountains?

Smirking at Stanley Marsh's Cadillacs does no damage because 'ol Stanley is soley responsible for Stanley's quirky whims ... and there are far more than you can fathom.

fun fact: did you know that a fathom is six feet? (i only know that because of the raquel welch movie.)

As you travelled across Texas you saw that it took a long time to get from here to there. The problem is that you can actually see "there", but it takes hours of driving to finally arrive.

and once you get there, there's still nothing there!

And the view is great if you love flat!

i think by now you know the answer to that conditional. . . .

So narrow your vision

i thought you wanted me to broaden my vision . . . ?

and focus on where you are. Buy some small town newspapers and read about the community. There should be enough laughs to take you miles down the road, but you'll also see life and death and hope and need. You'll note crimes and the goin's on at church. Some child may have been kidnapped or some sheriff indicted. There was a marriage or two or some family was burned out and in need of contributions to survive. Not so very different from where you live.

except we have mountains

As an aside, should you ever lock yourself out, I might suggest you first call the police for many of them carry slimjims for such problems.

and deprive poor milton of his livelihood?!? not a chance! (in fact, did i mention that burford tipped him $5 for being fast? that's a 33% tip!)

I discovered this in a tiny town in Kansas last August. Sadly, my Jeep was far too 'break-in proofed' and it ultimately took the locksmith two hours to scratch four windows and gain access. Besides you'll find our police chief a good 'ol boy and another target for your wry humor.

nothing personal against your police chief, but experience teaches that good 'ol boy police chiefs are a class of people to be avoided when one is driving an art car.

I'll not be adding to the population of Arizona or any other state. I would, however love to visit again. The first place I want to see is Higley and learn of its' namesake. Ever been there?

yep. in fact, i live very near there, in tempe. i don't know why it's called higley, though. but i'll try & find out for you.

You are most welcome to revisit Childress or any little burg along Hwy 287.

thanks for not making me take that New Mexico / Oklahoma / Louisiana detour!

Any purchases made by you and your entourage will truly be appreciated. All we ask is that you "Drive Friendly" the Texas way and don't litter as you go. I'm sorry our highways and byways are not up to the old Texas standards. Most funding is directed at the fast growing metropolitan areas .. but we do strive to have acceptable, if no longer good roads.

I'll buy you a cup of coffee next time through and we'll even make sure it's not McDonalds. I'm not difficult to find. You'll like us, Pope. There's not a doubt in my mind.

i already do. yours is the longest e-mail our website has had that wasn't a threatening letter from lawyers.

May your holidays be filled with joy and laughter ... and memories.

From a dreadful Texan ... clemi

From: adrian ruyle
Subject: cosmic evaluation

Dear Deuce,
Reading through your web pages, I can see that art cars are but a pimple on the larger body of your interests. The filepath is something like: freedom > freedom of expression > art cars. Hey! I can dig it.

your eternal pal,
ADRIAN (Wagner Wagon at Art Car West Fest)

Organization: Cool And Strange Music! Magazine
Subject: Herb Alpert

Hey! YOU'RE the guy with the Whipped Cream car!

I have seen your Web Page in the past and loved it. Excellent.

Would you be able to send a photo of your car to run in the magazine? Or a hi-res Photoshop pic attached to an e-mail?

I just got a great article in from Brad Bigelow about Herb Alpert and the TJB, but mainly about all the COPYCAT bands that sprang up after they made it big. I could put a little blurb up about your car to tie in with it for the next issue (Feb.)

I'll also list your Web Address in the mag. In fact, I'll put up a link to your page from ours, if you'll do the same? It's:

-Dana Countryman

Cool And Strange Music! Magazine
1101 Colby Ave.
Everett, WA 98201

From: jason beam
Subject: Neil

I was at your web site and I noticed some info on Neil Frisby....I was wondering if you had any more info on him? Is he still around...if so, where?...ETC. I would really appreciate anything you could give me!!!
Thanks, Jason

if you're in the valley, you can visit neal frisby's capstone cathedral at 4633 east shea boulevard (next to smitty's big town). or call neal, 996-3187. he'll be glad to hear from you.

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