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From: Hypnagogue
Subject: Re: doo dah, doo dah

I should be interviewing Minnie Driver tomorrow if it works out -- any burning questions for the lass?

yes. when is she coming to my house?

I saw Iggy Pop on "Pete & Pete" -- I'd forgotten he was Michelle Trachtenberg's dad on the show. He was at a high school dance trying to dance with her but she got out of it by yelling "Charley horse!". I thought at first they were just being really surreal and having him be a really old-looking kid. But then he got onstage and sang a song with Luscious Jackson (!) about "I used to bounce you on my knee / Would it kill ya to dance one dance with me?", to his daughter's terminal embarrassment.

--Your pal ULTIMA

i love that episode. pete & pete's the greatest. on what other show will you find the igster, steve buscemi, patty hearst, syd straw, richard edson, and, my favorite, bus driver stu?

From: Hadad

I'm over at Ben Her's and just saw something that prompted this message. On his turntable is a 45 of Tim Curry's song "I Do the Rock." The co-author is:

Dick Wagner

cool! now that i think of it, "i do the rock" does sound rather germanic, doesn't it? it's wagner-rock! or ragnarok. something.

(there's a stone formation in petrified forest that i named ragnarok (wagner-rock). maybe *the song* was named after *it*)

From: Kathy B.
Subject: I had a dream last night

How's this for a new Midway game: instead of ducks, rows and rows of tiny Wagners?

i like it. i'm sending wagner over right now to . . . to . . . uh, to, y'now, check things out, or something. (i'd get out of the house if i were you)

From: Guljikian
Subject: Re: because i know you care nothing...

Prince Trdat, as we call him, of the Parthian Royal House of Arsacid, traveled to Rome, escorted by 3000 cavalrymen, nobles and dignitaries(as uncle Varajoon told me some 5 years back) to get his gold crown, really hated Nero--is what I've been hearing. But the fascinating possibility connected with this event in Guljikian history is the suggestion that the episode of the pilgrimage of the Magi, which is recounted in the Matthaen prologue to the Gospels, really did not happen the way the hellenic world would have you believe, see, Cuz Trdat really wanted to hang with the baby Jesus but got delayed by his older brother's (king Vologases I) demand to rebuild his capital, Artaxata.

From: Ivan Wold
Subject: wagnerism & wagnerolatry

Hi again...

I visited the site you had on the bust you travel with. I mailed you a note saying that your site was like driving in Iowa. I take that back, I have tried very hard to locate your site agian but I can't find it. I am new to the net so I have no clue on what I'm doing. I did find an artical on Wagner visiting Twin Peaks but I lost that place too.

I have to learn more about Wagner, the drama is so intense. Please send me any info you can about his visits and adventures. Also, please lead me to any web sites that he is in.

Thank you for allowing me to view more on Wagner........... I have to wait a week though because I leave for Europe today... When I get back I will surf all over the Wagner sites......

Thanks again,
Eric Wold

From: John Henny
Subject: Wagner!

Being a fan of Ed Wood, Space Ghost, Milk & Cheese and
above all Richard Wagner I truly thought I was all alone in my confused little world.

ah, so it's *your* confused little world, is it? (good, cos i was wondering)

I could find friends who would readily discuss "Plan Nine" and "Dork
Comics" but the very mention of Wagner would usually clear the room.

you should see what happens when one starts photographing wagner in a room

As far as the Wagner Society types go, well...lets just say that stories
about Bela Lugosi "shooting up" just don't go over too well.

i used to send w photos to the president of the wagner society in a major american city. no response. the next time i was in that city, someone drove me by her house, which i photographed with wagner, & i sent her a print. *that* got her attention, all right. (that episode appeared in a story about wagner & moi in the houston press--see the "waglynx" section of the w page)

Wagner on Space Ghost was genuis! I've only recently gotten on-line but
this is the first time that I have laughed out loud while seated at my computer.

wagner & space ghost: two spirits who taste great together!

I'm thinking about getting a Wagner bust to put with my Milk
& Cheese "Merv Griffin" all makes sense now.

...which means those around you should probably think about investing in worry stones

I'm glad that someone has finally found a way to celebrate both "High" and "Trash" culture at the same time.

wagner gets high on trashing culture

I can't wait to see something like Tor Johnson as "Siegfried".

tor say: MMM...wagner GOOD!

Keep up the great work and long live the Wagner bust!

John Henny

(hey, aren't you that guy with the hammer?) (wait...that was john henRy.
um, who are you, again?)

From: Laura Bond
Organization: Epiphany Records
Subject: Meet the Meat?

Charlie and I have been perusing your site. I like it--your graphics are really cool. Seems pretty thorough. Sorry to see the photos of the headless Wagner. That wasn't fake Wagner, was it?

Charlie wants to know if the Wagners Meats photos is up anywhere. We couldn't find it today.

Also, I saw a commercial for a pet supply store, where a dog and a cat are sneaking peeks at their X-mas presents by stacking up household items and standing on them (the presents are in the attic. How cute, I know.) Anyway, I think one of the stacking items may be a Wagner bust. Could be Beethoven, I'm not sure. Watch for it.

What IS on TV tonight?

P.S. Jack Wagner is a regular on Melrose Place...


From: Trish Benedict
Subject: Your site

Your Wagner site is hysterical! My husband kept coming in to see why I was laughing so hard. (Who's Harry Dean Stanton? Is he the guy who played Molly Ringwald's father in "Pretty in Pink"?)

don't know, but i doubt it. roger ebert has said, "any movie with harry dean stanton in it is automatically worth watching." i don't see how that could apply to any molly ringwald film.

(You didn't *really* burn a classic Whipped Cream album at Burning Man, did you?)


yes. yes, i did. twice. No, three times.

From: tu
Organization: ITESM
Subject: hola

hola me gustaria saber mas sobre ti

From: kyle cassidy
Subject: modulatin' w/ kyle and john (fwd)

i saw a pixel-flick called "wagner tripple threat" last week, found it on the net, cost me ten bucks, i'm going to do a more serious review in the next few days. it was 2 hours long, which was pretty impressive in itself, alll recorded on audio tapes & xferred to vhs. (whole lotta whirrin goin' on).

From: "David N. Johnson"
Subject: Fw: Re. Winner "Best Damn Web Site I've Seen in ___ Weeks"

Deuce, Really amazing stuff! I'm passing this one along, don't you worry, now. I actually found your page via the Wagner newsgroup (where your posting stood out like a saguaro cradled in Brunnhilde's beefy arms),

did you see the definitive horned brunnhilde at the end of the burning man 96 ("just burn it!") sequence?

and I'm getting a bit weary of that group's stodginess.

hear, HEAR!

Even wrote in a mild complaint re. "let's talk about the MUSIC and how it works. . ." rather than tightass critiques of indiv'l singers, festivals, reviews of favorite recordings (esp. those singers, ad infinitum), etc. I don't believe it was well-received.

Anyway, not only is your site ingenious and hilarious, but you're a damn good writer; and I feel a particular kinship, having been stuck myself in that God-forsaken land of swiftly-mutating kitsch, commerce and hedonism known as Phoenix.

i actually LIKE it here. then again, unlike 90% of valley residents, who are interlopers, i was born here.

Yes, sad but true, an ASU grad, from the year. . .er, from sometime back. That's why your glorious imagery of the Hayden flour mill, the Westward Ho, the Kon Tiki (they knocked it down??!) sent me out like a pot o' peyote tea.

I hated it while I was there, except Old Tempe, where I lived---a pocket of something/anything REAL---and I hear downtown has been choked to death anyway by a massive sheet of asphalt.

actually, by giant corporate restaurants: mcdonald's, fat tuesday's, crocodile cafe, and, worst of all, hooters

Well, can't stop $$ from bein' made.

Okay, okay, I'm just wrapping up here. 1) Still down there?

"down there" . . . you refer to huysmans? or perhaps you mean am i still in tempe?
if the latter: yes.
if the former: huh?

2) I LOVE "Escape from Noise" and devoured the interview (sayin', Yeah!, Right On!, and so forth) 3) I own a bronze bust of The Man myself; I'll never look at him the same again. . .

Keep it up-- something tells me you will.

AARGH: 4) Not sure I got your humorous slant in the W. group page ("you know who you are. . .")

i've found that wagnerites fall into two camps: those who laugh about the Old Boy & those who Don't. i'm on record with the second group. forewarned = forearmed, &c.

Ah well, you made me laugh tonight!


From: "Katarn"
Subject: Wagner on Mars

Dear Mr. Deuce,

I have never before released this picture but since I have ascertained that you are a loyal Wagner fan I'm sending you a copy for your viewing and/or publishing on the WWW. I'm sure the implications of this picture will be sufficiently clear to you that you will be able to discourse on the subject at length for your WEB page. If not then perhaps when my busy schedule of uncovering conspiracies such as this permits, then I may be able to provide you on a suitable commentary of the subject.

X-Zm-Content-Name: mars_wagner.gif
Content-Description: Gif Image
Content-Type: image/gif ; name="mars_wagner.gif"
X-Zm-Decoding-Hint: mimencode -b -u
Attachment Converted: mars_wag.gif

well, katarn, this is puzzling evidence indeed! who knew that the face on mars would turn out to belong to The Old Boy? i begin to understand why he wears that perpetual smirk--what mortal could resist, being worshipped not only on earth but in the heavens? (oops--did i say *mortal*?)

one wonders what shadowy cabal must be conspiring to keep this revelation from the public! i shall add this photo to my site asap (if not tonight, then not for a couple of weeks, because i'm headed for burning man).

in closing, wagner wishes me to convey his thanks for bringing this welt-shaking discovery to his attention. on a personal note, i would like to convey to you the blame for having given herr w a reason for swelling his already massive head.

hochste lust!
Deuce of Clubs

p.s. -- "sycophant."

From: Whirlwynde
Subject: Wagner's new best bud?

Hi there -

Was surfing around looking for pictures of the Log Lady to email to my newly-ensconsed-along-Puget-Sound friend when I came across Wagner's homepage. You cannot imagine my delight, and to find he's just up the road in Phoenix.

I know the Midge to his Barbie - a cute little pink rubber clown with a missing foot who would fit inside the hole in his head. Mr. Clown gets around. And although he's not inclined to hobnod with the Rich and Famous, he has been to Europe twice, to Disneyworld, San Francisco, the Grand Canyon and oh so many more wonderful places. He just got back from Seattle, and I will be taking him from my coworker's desk in October for a journey to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. Said coworker has the photos collected for a planned album.

Since they are so close in location, we really should arrange for these two Icons of World Adventure to meet someday.


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