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Valley View Cemetary, Dudleyville

This would be a good place to be buried (someday).

According to the English Churchyard's Handbook,

"The object of an epitaph is to identify the resting place of the mortal remains of a dead person. It should therefore record only such information as is reasonably necessary for that purpose.... It is the duty of the incumbent to refuse to sanction the wording of an intended inscription if it is either verbose or objectionable."
Screw that!
I love it when people individualize graves and markers. What's it all about if you can't speak as you like on your own gravestone?

(Update, 27dec01: Just for grins, I looked around Google and discovered that this doggerel came from a greeting card, and its author has expanded it into a musical that I will be attentively avoiding from this day forward.)

(Update, 08sep04: Heard from Colleen Corah Hitchcock herself, who turns out to have a pretty good sense of humor about it all.)

The name of this cemetary is no lie -- it has a great view of the valley.
Lots of sports fans in this cemetary. One could find fault with that, but my criticism would be: turn the chair to face the valley.
Reading again from the Churchyard's Handbook:
"There is an art in writing an epitaph, which, though all think they have it, few really possess."
Well, you've got to give them that, I guess.