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More Little Mummy On The World, top row, third from left; Mummified Head Y Lapels of Vegas-Era Elvis, bottom row, second from left.

Update, 25aug2005: The mummy in question:

The More Little Mummy
On The World

I had wanted to see The Mummies of Guanajuato ever since I was a kid listening to the stories of a teacher who'd been there in the forties. Guanajuato's mummies are natural mummies, created by soil condition, climate, who knows. Corpses were dug up if the families stopped paying some sort of grave tax or maintenance fees.

A chance to spend a chunk of time at the University of Guanajuato presented itself. Many types of education were had. I screwed up, though, when I mailed a friend a postcard I bought there, instead of scanning it first. The front had the picture of a mummified baby (a featured attraction of The Mummyarium), allegedly the smallest mummy in the world. Accordingly, on the back was the caption "La mas pequena Momia en el mundo" beneath which was someone's earnest, literal-leaning attempt at an English rendering: "The More Little Mummy on the World."

Photo (which was supposed to go on the site when we discussed Las Momias back in 1997, lo siento mea culpa ... & how many years have I been threatening to put "The More Little Mummy On The World" on a t-shirt?) courtesy of Stuart Mangrum